Gareth McShane
UK and Australian citizen with full working rights in both.

Currently: Senior Devops Engineer @ News Corp Australia

Working with Cloud Platforms, OnPrem systems, and associated tools I support the various development teams and the enterprise technology teams at News Corp Australia in BAU, Project Work, and team oversight across Agile and ITIL related disciplines

Whilst my job title is Senior Devops Engineer my role encompasses a number of different positions in parallel:
Cloud Engineer & Architect | Automation Engineer & Architect | Unix Admin

Project Successes:

  • Migrated an externally developed and hosted NodeJS application into our AWS infrastructure requiring a new ci/cd pipeline to deploy the app onto ECS: More Details
  • Customised and deployed Forseti Security tools into our GCP environment
  • Customised and deployed a Chromebook Loan solution into our GCP environment: More Details
  • Designed a process to enable temporary elevated access into the GCP console: More Details
  • Automated updates of our outbound AWS Nat instances with new IP Whitelisting tools when Amazon sent out SNS notifications of updates: More Details
  • Converted a standard server/database Rundeck system to Cloudformation templated auto-scaling instances with S3 and RDS
  • Created a tool for our Service Desk to test url redirection rules before making them live in our production environment. It uses an AWS Lambda function fronted by an S3 website: More Details
  • Decoupling of a sold property from the relevant infrastructure code, including the main monolithic Akamai configuration which contained all the Tier 1 digital properties
  • Enabled HTTPs across all of the digital properties which involved splitting out our monolithic Akamai configuration and creating a new https process going forward for any new services
  • Created a semi-automated build pipeline to standup WordPress on the Openshift container platform consisting of Bash scripts to configure the design and builds based on dynamically built templated YAML
  • Rebuilt an outbound Squid proxy used for DR proxy capabilities making use of AWS Spot instances and Autoscaling to keep costs low. This required a rewrite of the launch configuration to use a packer-built AMI with Squid already installed to decrease launch time.

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